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About Us

Mission of Digital bridge

Digital Bridge is a charitable organization that provides computer literacy, employment readiness, and affordable computer equipment. Our mission is to empower individuals and communities by providing computer-based literacy for career and personal development for adults as well as skills development and career exploration for youth. Our vision is an inclusive society where all can share the benefits of technology, irrespective of economic status or geographic location.

Our Mission

Technology and the tools and skills necessary to utilize it are required for employment, education, commerce, communication, and, indeed, survival in today's environment. The world is irreversibly going digital and the ability to access and use the various technologies including the Internet has become critical for literally everyone. Sadly, far too many people in our communities lack access to and knowledge of digital technologies including the use of computers. Our program exists to bridge this gap.

We teach basic computer literacy including keyboarding; Introduction to computers; Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet and Email, Website Design, and CompTIA. Our students acquire enhanced keyboarding skills; overall understanding of basic computer concepts for personal and professional use; marketable professional IT skills that lead to enhanced employment opportunities; Increased productivity; Faster, more efficient communication; Increased chances of continued self- advancement due to access to self-teaching educational programs; and participation and integration in the wider global community via internet, email and social media.

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