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Bridging the Digital Divide


The mission of Digital Bridge is to empower communities and individuals through training, access, and use of information technology. At Digital Bridge, our objective is an inclusive community where everyone will take advantage of the benefits of technology, irrespective of economic status or geographic location.

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Digital Bridge is a charitable organization that provides computer literacy, employment readiness, and affordable computer equipment. Our mission is to empower individuals and communities by providing computer-based literacy for career and personal development for adults as well as skills development and career exploration for youth. Our vision is an inclusive society where all can share the benefits of technology, irrespective of economic status or geographic location.


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Your donations go along way to support our initiatives in so many ways. We are so grateful to those who have given and we hope that you will continue to support our efforts in providing training for immigrants and others within our community that need it.


We always have the need for volunteers, technical, teaching, and instructional volunteers, as well as events and program coordinators. If you are interested in joining us click the button below to learn how.

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